• What are the check-in & check-out timings? May I request for early check-in and late check-out?

Check-in time is at 02.00 pm and check-out time is 11.00 am. Please note that check-out timings are strict as we need to ready the rooms for our next booking. Guests are requested to respect the timing of other guests as well. An early check-in shall be provided subject to availability

  • Can I book only one or two rooms, or do I need to book the entire farm house?

No, you cannot book one or two rooms; you need to book the entire farm house. The property is rented only to one group at a time. 

  • Is driver or house help accommodation available?

Yes, there is separate room available for driver or house help accommodation.

  • What formalities are needed during check-in and check-out?

As required by law, all adults have to provide their government approved Photo Id at the time of check-in. Your co-operation is of utmost importance to us.

  • Is this farm house senior citizen friendly?

Yes, the farm house is senior citizen friendly with one bedroom on the ground floor.

  • Is the property wheelchair accessible?

There is no wheelchair ramp at the property, though the access by a wheelchair is easy as there are only 5 steps to enter the farm house.

  • Can I reserve your place for special functions such as engagement, wedding, birthday party, film / photo / advertisement shoot?

Yes, we do allow events like these at the property.

  • Do you provide dental kit, toiletries and towels?

Yes, we do provide dental kit, soap and towels.

  • Is the farm house air-conditioned?

All 4 bedrooms at the farm house and the party hall are air-conditioned but there is no AC in the living room.

  • Does the farm house face frequent power outages? Are there any invertors or generators to address this issue?

No, there is no frequent power outrage. Though for guests to have a comfortable stay we have an inverter as well as a generator backup at the property. In case of power failure we do use the inverter backup first and then switch to generator if needed.

  • Is food provided onsite? What are the charges?

Yes, we do provide food onsite; you can discuss it at the time of booking.

  • Is outside food allowed? Are we allowed to cook ourselves?

Yes, we do allow outside food at the villa. The kitchen is fully equipped, if the guest want to get their own cook or cook by themselves there is a kitchen utility and cleaning charge that needs to be paid extra.

  • Do you have a problem with mosquitoes or insects? How do you deal with it to make our stay more comfortable?

Owing to the property setting in the middle of nature, you might sometimes spot mosquitoes or insects. Mosquito repellant and insect killer machine is available at the property.

  • Are the premises monitored using CCTVs?

Yes, there is CCTV camera installed.

  • Is there first-aid kit available at the farm house?

Yes, we do have a first-aid kit stocked with antiseptic, band-aids and over-the-counter basic medicines.